Our approach


Design thinking is a proven method to solve problems and chase opportunities.

It is user-centred, iterative and focused on making things tangible using
visual representation and rapid prototyping.

We translate design thinking into three phases.




We always kick-off projects with a phase of exploration.

We dig into the problem and carry out preliminary research.

We often deal with wicked problems, those that are not well defined.
We help to frame the problem and create the urgency for change.

Then, we research on three aspects: organization (assets, business model, brand, people and culture), context (value network, trends, benchmarks), and users.

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Eight businessmen planning a strategy in business advancement each holding  different but equally important metaphorical element - compass,  puzzle pieces, pegs, cubes, key and one making notes.



In the Design phase we generate solutions and concepts. We visualize and prototype in order to test basic hypotheses and iterate.

According to the design thinking principles, our approach is human-centred. We put the people, needs and perceptions at the heart of the process.

Depending on the goals, we apply different idea generation methodologies. When timing is critical and radical solutions are appreciated, we adopt a design-centric approach: an Idea Storming with experts who faced the same problem in different sectors.

When user collaboration is needed to improve a process, a product or a service, we run co-design workshops. Finally, we have developed PLUS, a unique open innovation platform that combines crowdsourcing with design thinking.




In the Make phase we bring ideas to life. We take care of the every aspect of the implementation and project management. Our great team covers many skills, such as software coding, printing management, communication, space layout. In addition, we act as a system integrator, working with a network of highly specialised studios and craftsmen that we carefully select and coordinate.

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Branding from below

Our strategic advice is based on
Branding from Below
a model to create and manage strong brands in the long run.


Branding from Below is the new management approach that the most successful organisations adopt to tackle today’s complex business environment.

They start with a strong vision, they rapidly translate it into products and services and they leverage their business network and other stakeholder relationships to continuously improve through real feedback and collaboration.

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