What we do

We help to design better service experiences online and at the branch offices.
We help to go mobile with purpose.
We develop new business models.

Banks are central players in the modern economy. Banks are not only capital intermediaries; they are, most importantly, intermediaries of trust.
Customer and stakeholder relationships are at the heart of banking. The people and societal changing needs can be faced developing new service experiences and business lines.

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    Big data and customer intelligence.

    The possibility to collect and mine huge amounts of data is an opportunity to adopt a proactive management of customer relationships, developing the ability to forecast relevant behaviors and implement cross-selling and up-selling strategies. Moreover, a bank has access to data about consumption. This data can be anonymously used to understand behavioral patterns in joint research projects with other brands. Finally, banks can offer third parties targeted coupons to their customers therefore developing a new business.
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    Mobile is a relevant technology. However, banks can go beyond developing an excellent mobile and tablet experience for their websites and apps.
    There are three more things to consider:
    • mobile payments;
    • mobile wallets;
    • peer-to-peer money transfers.
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    Equity crowdfunding.

    Interestingly, Italy is a first mover leading the equity crowd-funding regulation, together with the US, Australia, UAE, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. With equity crowd-funding people can support start-up ventures and become shareholders. Banks can enter the crowdfunding ecosystem as a way to improve access to capital for start-ups while providing a new interesting investment options for their clients. Moreover, receiving start-up submissions is a way to be captive on new technologies.
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    New tools for micro and small businesses.

    The portfolio of customer relationships is a key asset for banks. Understanding the needs of the clients in the micro and small business market that already trust the bank is a driver for innovation. Generally speaking, three needs to consider are:
    • getting access to the local and global market (networking, leveraging international bank presence…);
    • accounting and planning apps as extensions of internet banking;
    • e-commerce solutions integrated with secure payment gateways.