What we do

We help energy companies to improve their service experience and launch new services.
We help energy companies to go online and mobile.
We develop social innovation projects for the promotion of alternative energy and smart energy use.
We help energy companies to set and communicate sustainability strategies.

The energy sector is a backbone for the economy, with a deep impact on industrial production, urban and household livability and the environment.
Any step of the value chain of the energy sector can be subject to innovation: production, distribution, retail, use.

Here are five things to look at in the energy sector:

  • 1

    Shifts in production: clean and micro plants.

    Tecnologies for energy production, particularly from renewable energies are becoming far more accessible. There is margin for new business models.
  • 2

    Energy distribution and use:

    smart grids, cities, buildings, metering and appliances.
    A different production base needs a different grid. Smart technologies are sensible and adapt to the circumstances. There’s a new revolution coming to our cities, buildings and appliances.
  • 3

    Bundles and customer care touch points for retail energy companies.

    The service marketing and service experience are points of differentiation that can be better leveraged by retail energy companies.
  • 4

    Access to energy.

    Having access to energy is still troublesome in many parts of the world. Energy use in developing countries and in extreme situations pushes innovation to the limit, with a social purpose.