Labor unions

Labor unions

What we do

We create multi-stakeholder projects with social impact that involve labor unions and companies.
We help to improve the quality of industrial relations.
We help labor unions to improve transparency and cultivate trustful relationships with members and society at large.

We have gained extensive experience in working with labor unions as stakeholders of industrial relations. They are complex organizations that represent the interests of workers at different levels.

Developing a culture of transparency.

The activity of labor unions is primarily a public relation activity, in the sense of strategic communication and stakeholder relationship management. Internal transparency is fundamental to maintain the trust of the members that support the union. Moreover, this contributes to the legitimation of their action as representatives of collective but not unique interests. Social reporting and stakeholder engagement initiatives can help.

Multi-stakeholder social impact projects.

Industrial relations are an interesting locus of social innovation. Integrative welfare, corporate volunteering, design of new organizational models, new services, social entrepreneurship are just a few examples of topics related to socially-driven innovation. Multiple stakeholders can participate into social innovation projects born from industrial relations.