From interfaces to app

What we do

We design mobile interfaces and we develop mobile apps.
We help organizations to make sense of mobile technologies for innovation in customer relationships and other business processes.

Mobile computing and wireless networks deeply changed people’s life. The way we interact with each other for work and leisure, the information and purchase process and the media consumption habits radically changed. We help organizations to understand the relevant changes in mobile technology.

Wide and growing adoption.
Mastering the mobile user experience

The occasions of use and the needs of a mobile user are extremely different from a desktop use. For this reason, the information architecture of mobile touchpoints has to be designed on purpose. Mobile interfaces for information-seeking and task-oriented people must be simple and quick.
Apps are becoming central in mobile use, but mobile internet access from browser is still scoring high: you have to take care of both types of mobile touchpoints.
For those who want to fully take advantage of the mobile channel, we reflect on the interaction and user experience design, considering the features of your product or service, the device characteristics and the user needs and goals.

Mobile strategy

Mobile technology is an extraordinary driver of change for private lives as well as for organizations. We help organizations to enter the mobile world with purpose, in order to build meaningful relationships with customers and support their business processes.

Three things to look at
  1. 1 Value proposition mobile app
  2. 2 Cross-device and browser compatibility for responsive websites
  3. 3 Mobile workforce and smart-working