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UiUx Design
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UI/UX Design

We design and test the user experience and the user interface of digital channels and products.

The user experience is the set of perceptions and reactions of users before, during and after the interaction with a digital product or touch point. It has a direct impact on conversions and retention. The essence of user experience design is to identify the users’ goals. We study behaviour and perceptions along the user journey in order to design behavioural flows and interaction models. The methods we use include interviews, observation and benchmarking. The typical outputs of the user experience design, depending on the project, are: information architecture maps, user journey maps, flow charts, use cases documents, wireframes, mockups.

Our user interface design integrates aesthetics, usability principles and technological expertise to design software that provides a superior user experience. The typical output of the user interface design are the graphic files (usually .ai. or .psd) of the main screens and use cases, supplied with UI guidelines. We can also provide the front end code: HTML, CSS (SASS, LESS), JavaScript.

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